Howard Lindzon, Founder, StockTwits
"Over the years I have become more of an investor than trader, but that has not reduced the importance of risk, psychology and money management, all of which I get from Brian's book and website as I peruse the charts and his technical analysis skills. The book is a great read and combined with his daily website updates you have all the technical analysis ideas and coaching you need to make money consistently."
John Ehlers President MESA Software
"Reading Brian Shannon's TECHNICAL ANALYSIS USING MULTIPLE TIMEFRAMES will have a profound impact on your trading experience. He clearly explains the market structure so you can discern clarity from what otherwise might appear random. The result is an outline of a trading approach that can be successfully applied regardless of your particular timeframe preference. I found it particularly rewarding to see his emphasis on risk management. The chapter on trading tips reflect Brian's deep understanding of the market. His book is on the top shelf of my library."
Tim Sykes
"That’s right, I want you to pick up a copy right the hell now and read in awe as Shannon explains how it’s not just about memorizing chart patterns— anybody who tells you that is a typically useless finance freak. It’s infintely more important to understand how variables, players and emotions align to create shockingly similar, repetitive, and, more importantly, predictable chart patterns. More importantly, Shannon delves into the steps necessary to make sure you stay disciplined—whether that means cutting losses quickly, using stop losses, waiting for pattern confirmation etc.In short, you need to read this book, if you don’t, you’re just ignoring a greatly useful resource and that’s not cool."
Suri Duddella Author, Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros
"Time is one of the most mostly ignored topic for many technical analysts as the Price is more evident and interested piece of information to act on. Brian's ability to convey how to weave and focus multiple time-frames into trading is an excellent presentation. This book also addresses some of the key topics for traders like 'How and When to Buy' and 'How and When to Sell'. I thought Brian's chapters addressing of how markets react at various stages from Accumulation to Decline was brilliant."
Chris Perruna Owner,
"Overall, this is an excellent book, one that I recommend to any trader that is interested in technical analysis. I endorse the book enough so that I have joined the affiliate program and have placed image ads on my blog. I don’t promote too many items on this blog other than books from Amazon but this is surely a product I feel comfortable recommending. Most importantly, the book is not filled with fluff or any unnecessary fat which I believe is its best feature."
Blain Reinkensmeyer, Founder, StockTradingToGO
"The highlight chapter for me personally was 8 where Brian breaks down trends which is my all-time favorite investment strategy. The chapter alone had 14 different fully colored stock charts all highlighting different aspects of trend trading. The flow is very easy to follow and even being a trader for over six years I still learned something new. Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes is a book that should be on every trader’s shelf, especially when just starting out."
Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D Author, Enhancing Trader Performance
"In Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, Brian Shannon takes the reader through the essentials of technical analysis and then illustrates how to integrate those into a coherent trading methodology. From the phases of stock movement to price/volume relationships and risk management, Brian brings his topics to life with concrete and practical illustrations and explanations. This is an excellent resource for all technically-oriented traders; anyone who has enjoyed Brian's video insights on the Alpha Trends blog will surely appreciate the way he synthesizes those lessons in this book."
Andrew Horowitz Money Manager & Author of The Disciplined Investor
"With the release of Technical Analysis using Multiple Time Frames, disciplined investors now have a new tool to help decipher the often complex art/science of charting the markets. The cherry on top of this wonderful book is his use of full color charting and tables. DO NOT invest one cent before you read this book."
Fari Hamzei, Founder, Hamzei Analytics, LLC
"I always believed Brian Shannon had the "Right Stuff." Whether it was his stock picks, his eclectic blog posts or when he would shower us with his market intelligence in our chatroom. Now comes his outstanding book, "Technical Analysis using Multiple Timeframes." This is a subject that is very dear to me and I practice it every day in our own firm proprietary trading. You might say, and in a way, Brian and I are kindred spirits. But, I must call this masterpiece a true Grand Slam. "
Charles Kirk President of The Kirk Report
"In my opinion, Brian's book is an excellent resource because he is great instructor. Unlike many books on trading written by traders who frankly have a difficult time explaining their methods, Brian shows his skills by breaking down relatively complex ideas in a straightforward manner. Ultimately this makes his book particularly good for traders who are just starting out on the learning curve and those who've found other trading books too complex or difficult to implement in the real world."
David S. Nassar,Trader and New York Times Best Selling Author
"Most technical analysis books focus on pattern recognition, but this book explains WHY markets move and HOW patterns form as a result, and without this understanding it is impossible to see deeper into the charts where the real value exists—this most excellent aggregation of insights takes you deep, real deep, into the heart of the matter where profitability exists. Brian's book is an instant classic."
Lawrence G. McMillan
"Brian stresses the two keys to successful trading -- discipline and finding a trading style that suits your style and personality. Without those two concepts, most traders fail. With that in mind, this book has several excellent technical analysis systems, but the chapter on Risk Management is really the key. All traders should find this book to be useful and rewarding."
Jim K, AlphaTrends Subscriber
"The level of wisdom I have attained through daily listening to Brian and watching his setups develop (or not) is invaluable. He is unwavering in the consistent application of his basic principles of trading with confirmations through different time frames"
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Brian Lund, co-Founder and EVP of Ditto Holdings
"The great thing about Brian is that not only does he have the skills to trade the markets successfully, but he knows how to teach those skills in a way that everyone can relate to."
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"When I first began trading several years ago, I knew very little about trading.Choosing to learn from Brian Shannon was the very best thing I ever did to jumpstart my career and trading success. Almost every time I speak publicly about my trading journey,I credit Brian with providing a solid structured approach to the discipline of trading. He taught me a lot about making money consistently in the markets - but even more importantly to me, how to keep it."
Joe Fahmy, Managing Director of Zor Capital
“Brian has superior abilities in tape reading, stock selection, and most importantly discipline. There is a reason he’s considered one of the best in the business.”
Charles E. Kirk, The Kirk Report
"Brian's trading and technical analysis focuses primarily upon price action versus indicators, opinions and emotions. For that very same reason, he frequently finds success where others so often fail. Much can be learned by Brian's approach to trading!"
Kira Brecht Market Analyst and Editor at TraderPlanet
"I have great respect for Brian Shannon. He is an astute trader and excellent educator. His analysis is spot on for both beginning and advanced traders"
Steven Spencer, Partner SMB Capital, NYC
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Chapters Within The Book

  • 1   Introduction
  • 10   Moving Averages
  • 2   Technical Analysis
  • 11   Time
  • 3   The Four Stages
  • 12   How & When To Buy
  • 4   Stage 1 - Accumulation
  • 13   How & When To Sell Short
  • 5   Stage 2 - Markup
  • 14   News & Fundamentals
  • 6   Stage 3 - Distribution
  • 15   Short Squeezes
  • 7   Stage 4 - Decline
  • 16   Risk Management / Exit Strategies
  • 8   Trends
  • 17   Rules & Insight
  • 9   Volume
  • 18   Putting It All Together

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Brian Shannon is an experienced and successful trader, speaker and educator.

Involved full time in the markets since 1991, he has worked as a broker, owned a day trading firm, managed a hedge fund, ran a proprietary trading desk while simultaneously being most profitable trader of that prop firm. As Head of Research and Training for MarketWise, Brian taught thousands of trader's world-wide.

Brian's work has been published or written about in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Barron's, Active Trader, Stock Futures and Options Magazine, and hundreds of online sites.

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