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Learn how to trade stocks correctly and consistently identify profitable opportunities in the market. It doesn't matter about your experience level, age, background, or time committments.


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Our strategies can be understood quickly regardless of your experience level. If you don't understand anything, we even have a customer service line to help you.


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Be able to correctly identify profitable opportunities in stocks, regardless if the market is up or down. Our strategies have been tried and proven for over 20 years and in all market conditions.


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Learn how to enter a stock, why you're entering it, and when to exit. In addition, we cover important topics like Risk Management that will help you turn your trading into a profitable business!


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Brian has superior abilities in tape reading, stock selection, and most importantly discipline. There is a reason he’s considered one of the best in the business.


Joe Fahmy

Managing Director of Zor Capital

The book is a great read and combined with his daily website updates you have all the technical analysis ideas and coaching you need to make money consistently.


Howard Lindzon

Founder, StockTwits

In my opinion, Brian’s book is an excellent resource because he is great instructor. Unlike many books on trading written by traders who frankly have a difficult time explaining their methods, Brian shows his skills by breaking down relatively complex ideas in a straightforward manner.


Charles Kirk

President Of The Kirk Report

Brian Shannon provides the most objective commentary on the market today. His video recaps are mandatory viewing for all SMB traders.


Steven Spencer

Partner SMB Capital, NYC

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Brian Shannon, The Man Behind Alphatrends

Brian Shannon, full-time trader, educator and author of the highly regarded book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, is the founder of Alphatrends. With 20+ years of experience, he has turned beginners, losing traders, and even so called “experts” into profitable traders that are equipped to seal gains in the market regardless of it’s turbulence. Learn how to trade stocks from one of the best in the industry. Brian is the #1 ranked expert on Twitter in the categories of investing and Trading With over 52,000+ followers. In addition, Brian has a following of over 62,000+ on StockTwits, and has the #1 most subscribed Financial videos on Youtube. If you are looking for the best stock trading site, look no further, Alphatrends has everything you need.

"I believe in honesty, realistic expectations and true representations of what people can expect. Everything I say here is done without the slightest exaggeration. Integrity is everything to me.While this business is rife with charlatans that prey on people’s greed, I only talk about substance and obtainable trading results."